Tasty Mates Vegan Gourmet Gummy Sweets


100% Vegan. No funny animal business here!

Tasty Mates natural colours and flavours Gourmet Gummy Sweets

Natural Flavours

Only natural colour and flavours used at Tasty Mates HQ!

Gluten Free

We are now certified Gluten Free so more of our MATES can enjoy!


Tasty Mates was founded by two mates – Joe and Nick - who sought to portray their mates in sweets. That’s why each packet of Tasty Mates has a unique flavour relating to a personality trait found in many a friendship group. Whether you’re one half of The Perfect Pear, or The Berry Funny One, there is a flavour for you… and if there isn’t yet… watch this space!

Gourmet Gummy Sweets

Bursting with flavour and personality in every pack! Tasty Mates are vegan and use only natural colours & flavours. Grab a pack (or 10) today!

Tasty Mates contains no animal products and is proud to be Vegan certified!