Tasty Mates: A Preface

Excitingly, ‘Tasty Mates’ is the name of our latest ‘sweets’ brand, rather than a so-not-needed news title on cannibalism. A Global Pandemic has thrown a lot of (really annoying) obstacles our way, but this is the start of the upcoming launch of Tasty Mates; The New Gummy Sweet Bursting with Flavour and Personality.

Ramping up in time to sweeten up 2021, Tasty Mates is bringing you vegan, natural, relatable confectionary just when you need them most. Each packet with a unique flavour portraying a personality trait we all know and love within our friendship groups.

Let me be transparent — we still have a long way to go. But, seeing light before the start of the next tunnel, here are 5 things we’ve learnt over the last 2 years.

1. You’ve Got To Have Passion.

You’ve heard it before. A good idea is only as good as the passion in the people behind it. Our friends will tell you we just cannot help but talking. About sweets. All. The. Time. Share your passion. People will only buy into you and your business if they see how invested you are.

2. Network, Network, Network.

Every single conversation you meet from the second you action your plan (and by the way, it’s still a plan when it’s just in your head) is an asset when starting out a business. People, even your mates, come from all different walks of life. Take the free market research; be aware of the skills in people around you. Take an interest, and no doubt you’ll have a contact book full of names and numbers who will be helpful one day.

3. Understand your business.

Don’t spend a penny until you have written your mission down. A business plan is an evolving document. Change it, add new things, and scribble out others. Your business is more than the idea, it’s the people actioning it. Understand each other. Understand the steps. Then get to work.

4. Problem Solve.

No doubt there will be problems, some small, some large. Spend a second stressing out, but then take a step back and find a way around it. If you believe that no problem is too big then you have every chance at navigating around it.

5. Be A Sponge

One of the most important things, which Nick always stresses, is to absorb as much information as possible. Every article, every tip, every meeting may bring the power of insight. Get enough small tips and you’ll slowly start to build the bigger picture.

Neither Nick nor myself are experts in starting a business. You will feel overwhelmed at times (and you should question yourself if not). However, experience is power, and with the launch of Tasty Mates approaching, I’m reminded to share ours. Our little helping hand for others to ride the wave of entrepreneurship.

It’s taken 2 years; growing self-awareness; a bag full of wins and a larger bag of losses, and Tasty Mates is almost here. You may have forgotten to socialise throughout all this, but Tasty Mates are friends for life.

With love, Nick and Joe.