My Experience as an Intern at Tasty Mates

From the beginning of my internship at Tasty Mates, I was thrown straight into the deep end (in a good way). My journey began at the company's headquarters in Hertford, where I learned the foundations of marketing and sales, as well as more about the product, brand, and message. For this week's assignment, I was given the chance to work at Taste of London, where I was responsible for marketing the product to the general public and increasing overall brand awareness. This was a fantastic experience, watching members of the public enjoying our gourmet sweets and watching their authentic reactions. Meeting and networking with thousands of people over the course of the week was a fantastic experience, allowing me to connect to like-minded people and establish contacts for future jobs in different industries 

On week 2, I was introduced into the world of sales and PR, learning the fundamentals and how to communicate with potential business partners. I was challenged to find different independent gourmet grocery stores and discuss bring the brand into their stores. This involved numerous phone calls, whilst improving my overall sales skills. Working at a start-up has been a pleasure, especially because Joe and Nick have established such a positive work atmosphere. Joe and Nick have both been excellent in providing me with the abilities I need to do the set tasks and learn from them. This knowledge has increased my general understanding of both marketing and sales, as well as my confidence. I feel that my views have been valued and implemented. 

The Tasty Mates Brand Ambassador Program was one of my primary responsibilities while working at Tasty Mates. I was tasked with developing a Brand Ambassador programme aimed at students in order to raise brand awareness and reach students nationwide. This project entailed determining the goals, target audience, role, and compensation. This project gave me the opportunity to put my past work expertise to good use by allowing me to develop the project further. In addition, I was responsible with identifying and approaching influencers to give samples of our product in order to grow our social following. This assignment exposed me to the world of public relations, giving me a better knowledge of the role and the many duties required. 

If I had to pick a Tasty Mate flavour that best fit my personality, I'd go with 'The Salty One.' The Salty One, I believe, reflects my competitive and motivated side, which is continuously seeking to attain new goals!