Mates In Need Initiative

Our gourmet gummy sweets are not only extremely tasty (as the name suggests) but also Tasty Mates is a brand with a strong social and environmental conscience. This is something that has always been very important to me and one of the main reasons that I wanted to join the TMHQ! An emphasis on mates has been an integral part of the brand right from the get-go. Nick and Joe founded it with an aim of creating the most delicious gourmet gummy sweets that have unique flavours portraying a personality trait often found in the friendship group such as the ‘The Perfect Pear’ or ‘The Berry Funny One’. However, what sets us apart from other brands is not only our unique branding, it is our sustainable approach, emphasis on creating connections, and our charitable initiative. We aim to make a real and tangible impact through our ‘Mates in Need’ initiative that focuses on charitable involvement, creating connections, and our eco-mission. 

🍬 Firstly, creating connections. We believe in the importance of people! Tasty Mates is centered around creating meaningful connections with those around us, be that our friends, loved ones, and customers. Together we aim to make a real difference, whether that's checking in on friends, catching up with family, or even just buying a pack of sweets for a mate to cheer them up! We want to create a positive impact through friendship groups and encourage everyone to check in on their friend's emotional well-being. 

🍬 Secondly, charitable Initiatives. Across the world, people are suffering and we at Tasty Mates are dedicated to helping our ‘Mates In Need’. We promise to donate a percentage of profits to our charitable programme that provides support to those in need. At present, we donate a percentage of our profits to Mind and Crisis, two charities that do huge amounts of good and help thousands of people across the UK. Mind was founded in 1946 in England and Wales; with the aim of providing support to both the government, and directly to those living with mental health conditions. They provide a 24-hour helpline and publish research and campaigns that raise awareness of mental health problems and the vast amount of people living with them. Crisis is also an incredible charity that was founded in 1967 and offers year-round housing, education, and well-being services across the UK. They also focus on long-term solutions such as ending homelessness altogether by enabling people to access support early on so that homelessness can be prevented.

🍬 And finally, looking after our other mate, the planet. It has never been more important to look after the planet and we all have a responsibility to protect it. At Tasty Mates, we are dedicated to ensuring that we are creating the most delicious gourmet gummy sweets, with unique flavourings and relatable stories whilst also having as small of an impact on the environment as possible, (with the aim of having a net-positive impact). Our tasty sweets are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging enabling you to enjoy them guilt-free!

However, we are also aware that many will eat our sweets on the go, therefore we can't guarantee that each and every packet is being recycled. This is why we focus on what we can guarantee - our offsetting promise. We are partnered with Seven Clean Seas to offset any plastic wastage and pick up the equivalent of what we sell on some of the worst polluted beaches in the world. Furthermore, we are vegan and palm oil free with the aim of making our packaging 100% biodegradable. Once the UK has the infrastructure to support biodegradable products (such as composting bins in public places) we will make the move to this type of packaging that will have zero impact on our mate, the planet!

We also know we can always do better, and our yearly Impact Report outlines plans and aims as well as building a better understanding of where we want to go with the brand.

By Imogen Hobart - Tasty Mates Sales Executive