How Tasty Mates has kept me creative and on my toes!

No two days at Tasty Mates is ever the same, something which I love about the company and the fast paced start-up environment. Whether it be a quick creative brainstorm, sending gift packages off to Influencers, growing a social community or even making and packing up the sweets for our online orders, it has been very fun!


One of my main roles at Tasty Mates has been setting up the Instagram account. From 0 to 1000 followers in the first month it has been an exciting experience. People may think running an Instagram account is just about posting a photo at popular times, but it is so much more…

I have been involved in defining the visual and verbal identity for Tasty Mates on social, photoshoots - both brand and lifestyle, learnt how to build an effective social strategy, reached out to many an influencer for gifting, learnt how to effectively engage with our audience helping to create a ‘mates’ community and used Canva to create designs (plus much more!)


(BIG MOMENT when we got 1000 followers!!)



Another very exciting part of my job is being point of contact for events and trade shows, whilst this has been quieter than it usually would have been I have still managed to get involved with a range of fantastic events for like-minded foodies and brands wanting to get their name out there. From initial conversations to managing budgets and starting to design what our stands will look like, this has definitely kept my creativity flowing!


When I say working at Tasty Mates has kept me on my toes, I mean literally… Little did I know I would be actually helping to make the sweets… YES making them 🤯! This is what I mean by no two days are the same, some mornings will be spent in production getting the ingredients ready, helping to spread the sweets into the moulds or demoulding and coating the scrumptious sweets in snow sugar! I can now proudly say I am a professional sweet maker!

(Myself and co-founder Nick taking a selfie before production started)



From packaging up the hundreds of orders that have been coming in to learning how the sales side of a business works and the general entertainment in the office, I have felt very lucky to be part of this small yet mighty brand, disturbing the gourmet sweet aisle one Tasty Mate at a time…