A Tasty Week At Tasty Mates

This week we had Aaron Freedman and Josh Fisher, two students interested in starting their own businesses, shadowing the team at Tasty Mates. We are always keen on offering opportunities to students to see the realities of starting a business. At the end of their experience, the pair summed up their experience – check out what they had to say: 

When we contacted Tasty Mates to gain an understanding of how a start-up is run, we knew it would be intense, fast paced and hands on. However, we never expected the welcoming community, variety of different tasks and enjoyable discussions. We have boiled down our experience of working here, into Tasty Mates’ 4 uniquely flavoured personality traits.


The Salty One (Salted Caramel):

The start-up nature of Tasty Mates means the team are constantly thinking of new ideas to keep a competitive edge. We saw this when we took part in their business meetings, helping them to develop new initiative projects and strategic planning.

The Berry Funny One (Very Berry):

The community behind Tasty Mates enjoy all the different aspects of the company from making the sweets to packaging the final product. We gave our assistance into all parts of the business, it’s hard work, for sure – but the team always manage to have fun and keep a smile on their faces.

The Perfect Pear (Pear Crumble):

The co-founders Joe and Nick are constantly bouncing ideas off each other to further develop the business. They have been welcoming and helpful in answering questions and showing us the reality of a start-up.


The Juicy Peach (Peaches and Cream):

At a startup, the staff are constantly on their feet while solving problems and simultaneously moving from task to task - there’s always something to do. We have had the pleasure of taking part in all aspects of the business, always on the go.

Overall, our experience at Tasty Mates has been very helpful and useful for our understanding of Start-Ups and we look forward to watching what’s next for the gourmet gummy sweet – bursting with both flavour and personality!